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How to split my bch

how to split my bchI wish I read this guide before I did it, the split-BCH faucet would have made it a lot easier. Felipe Galaz • 1 year ago. My balance on Electron. The last transaction was on on my wallet. The wallet used is trezor. I want to make a safe split to bch/bsv and the information I found is very confusing.

The only question is how to get your hands how to split my bch them After the recent Bitcoin Cash hardfork I was keen to claim my Bitcoin Satoshi Vision and I watched some films on youtube which referred to the bitcoinsv.

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But now that I have done it, I can confirm it is a scam. I feel a little shame when I tell you that I have lost 0.

As you can see when I how to split my bch to remove the funds it tells me more confirmations are needed before withdrawal. Which simply isn't true. It has been there for a week.

How to split my bch

What did I do wrong? I made two big mistakes Read more preparation The first and most important thing was that I didn't prepare for the hardfork, despite knowing well in advance it was coming.

How to split my bch BCH was in my exodus wallet which didn't support the split. Had I moved it to one of the listed exchanges which did support the split I would have both tokens now.

It is usually possible to split coins after the snapshot date how to split my bch it was this thought which made me lazy at the wrong moment. The problem doing it how to split my bch way is that we very often have to trust third party sites or unfamiliar what does a valid bitcoin address look. I have done it twice in the past like this with other coin splits and everything went as expected Research unfamiliar sites before sending funds Upon seeing two films on youtube which how to split my bch to the bitcoinsv.

Ledger Nano unsplit BCH sent to Electrumsv BSV Wallet...... Did I lose my BCH to a BCH miner?

Thinking about it now, these films were not necessarily produced by those behind the scam. How to split my bch likely they let a few customers withdraw their coins at the beginning, encouraging them to review the site, just so how to split my bch these kind of films would be produced Only once I had transferred the funds did I become suspicious by the lengthy wait and then thought to check Scam Advisor which told me this: The moment I saw the site was source to split my bch in Romania I knew the game was over.

They responded to my emails during the first few days of my growing concern, assuring me the confirmations would be done in the next few days, even going as far as to recommend that I continue reading any other BCH I might have tucked away asap to ensure a successful split before relay protection was implemented.

How to split my bch

How I didn't check this out in that how to split my bch it was a scam I don't know.

Their scam must be working quite well because I can see how much the website has improved over the last week, even now with a desktop wallet for download!

Two strikes is enough! In my how to split my bch years of crypto I have https://reddit-money-crypto.site/address/how-to-get-my-bitcoin-wallet-address.html this mistake twice now.

1. Download splitting wallet

The first time I almost lost my samstonehill steem account after handing over my private key to a phishing site which looked a lot like steemit, the only difference being the word steemlt in the url.

Not so easy to spot click to see more difference! Thankfully Steemit Inc were able to return my account to me before the scammers were able to access see more of my How to split my bch due to the 7 days power down window.

Though this in itself brought up some interesting questions about how decentralised Steemit really is.

Regardless, I learned lessons that time how to split my bch I have learned some more now.

How to split my bch

how to split my bch And I am reminded of the words on my profile how to split my bch "There are no mistakes, only learning experiences" In Summary A few years ago when steem was still a baby, I recall seeing some white hat hackers steal money out of a bunch of accounts and write a post about it, offereing to return what was stollen and further to that they included the patch to fix the code making sure others couldn't do what they had done.

I don't need to https://reddit-money-crypto.site/address/sea-waves-news.html you how how to split my bch money they made by writing this post.

How to split my bch

More than they would have done if they had run how to split my bch with the stolen steem. It really opened my eyes to the beauty of steemit and its open source code.

How to split my bch

I am grateful at least that the market being down right now. Would have been a lot more painful if this had happened a year ago! Stay vigilant friends.

How to split my bch

Who is samstonehill? He was a London based filmmaker until he sold everything and set out on a barefoot journey around the world, currently based in the south of France.

Bitcoin Cash BCH Hard Fork vs Chain Split explained

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