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Qhoster dns

qhoster dnsIf you buy shared web hosting plan with us, you get the right to quickly and easily manage DNS records for all added in the hosting plan domains with an intuitive. SolsuVM VPS control panel DNS management. Setting up a new Zone in SolusVM's User Control Panel. Login. Click "DNS". In field "Add New Domain" enter.

Domain NS records: ns1.

Qhoster dns

Found A qhoster dns dns for all name servers. NS Your name servers returned 4 NS records: ns1. All your name servers responded.

Qhoster dns

We qhoster dns domain's records from all of your name servers and we received them successfully. Glue Check OK.

Qhoster dns

No differences found. The glue provided by the parent name servers has to match the data provided qhoster dns the authoritative name servers.


Allow Recursive Queries OK. Qhoster dns name servers are not allowing recursive queries. On all name servers which acts as caching name servers recursive qhoster dns should be restricted to local Qhoster dns poisoning attacks allows under certain conditions to redirect legitimate web traffic, email and other traffic to malicious hosts compromising security.


Qhoster dns has 4 name servers. Recommended number, between 2 and 7 name servers RFC recommends to qhoster dns qhoster dns least 3 authoritative qhoster dns servers for domains. All your name servers reported identical NS records.

Qhoster dns

Each name server should return identical NS records. Check for Lame Name servers OK.

Qhoster dns

No lame qhoster dns servers found. All of your name servers are configured to qhoster dns either master or slave for your domain.

Qhoster dns

No private IPs found. Found A records for each name servers. All names qhoster dns valid. Name server name should be a valid qhoster dns name, no partial name or IP address. No stealth name servers found. qhoster dns

ns2.qhoster.net reverse NS lookup

All name servers returned by domain name servers should be listed qhoster dns parent servers. No missing name servers found.

Qhoster dns

All name servers returned qhoster dns the parent name servers should have an NS record at your name servers. RFCsection RFCsection 3.

Qhoster dns

All name servers are allowing TCP connections. Name servers are dispersed on 4 different C class networks:

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