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Cudaminer github

cudaminer githubCuda Miner for BeamHash (Equihash ,5). Contribute to BeamMW/cuda-miner development by creating an account on GitHub. a CUDA accelerated litecoin mining application based on pooler's CPU miner - cbuchner1/CudaMiner.

Device IDs start counting from 0!

EWBF Dashboard

Learn more here give string names of your card like gtxti or gt 2 cudaminer github 2nd gt in the PC.

This cudaminer github autotune or heuristic selection.

Cudaminer github

cudaminer github You can pass the strings "auto" or just a kernel prefix like F or K or T to autotune for cudaminer github cudaminer github card generation or a kernel prefix plus a lauch configuration like F28x8 if you know what kernel runs best from a previous cudaminer github.

Use this to remove lag at the cost of some hashing performance.

Cudaminer github

Do not use large launch configs for devices cudaminer github shall run in interactive mode - it's best to use autotune! Default is Best to use powers of 2 here.

Cudaminer github

Increase for better performance in scrypt-jane with high N-factors. Lower for more interactivity of your video display especially when using the interactive mode.

NiceHash Excavator

Cached cudaminer github has proven to be slightly faster than noncached operation on most GPUs. When using the texture cache this option is implied.

Cudaminer github

Defaults to 1. Useful for doing some round robin pool or worker hopping from an external controls script. In most cases a -d 0 cudaminer github work for you. Specifying video cards cudaminer github name is cudaminer github when you often swap your video cards.

Cudaminer github

The device IDs tend to change a lot, whereas the names are much cudaminer github consistent. If you are not sure what configuration cudaminer github video card might need, then leave away the -l option and let cudaminer autotune.

Cudaminer github

For scrypt-jane coins with high N factor using a lookup gap with values greater cudaminer github github 1 will likely boost your performance. Best to try -L 1 first and work your way up.

CUDAMiner Install \u0026 Set up for NVIDIA Card Users!!! EASY TO DO!!!

For cudaminer github you typically use -o The wallet must also be started with the -server option and the server flag in the wallet's. Which click we select and in which configuration it is run greatly cudaminer github performance.

Cudaminer github

The CUDA kernel launch configurations are given as article source character string, e. F27x3 Prefix Blocks x Warps per block Available kernel prefixes are:.

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