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Winklevoss twins net worth 2019

winklevoss twins net worth 2019The identical twin brothers who famously accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their idea, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss filed a lawsuit against. As early investors in bitcoin, the twins' wealth now stands at its highest since March and has soared % from $ million as of January.

It is believed to read article the first billion-dollar return made by a cryptocurrency investor, a landmark moment for the controversial asset.

Winklevoss twins net worth 2019

Since their clash with Facebook, the twins — who rowed for the US at the Beijing Olympics — have re-styled themselves as Bitcoin entrepreneurs, launching their own online exchange and venture capital fund. The read article are believed to have held onto their Bitcoin investments in the hope of launching an winklevoss twins net worth 2019 fund in New York, although they have struggled to gain approval from financial regulators.

A spokesman for the Winklevoss twins net worth 2019

The Winklevoss twins net worth 2019 twins are among the most high-profile of its big backers. Bitcoin, which is not backed by any central bank but maintained by a network of its winklevoss twins net worth 2019, hit an all-time high last week despite Lloyd Blankfein, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs, joining other financial heavyweights in dismissing it as a fraud.

Winklevoss twins net worth 2019

The Federal Reserve also issued a warning that it could pose a risk to financial stability. The move is seen as a mark of legitimacy that could boost institutional interest in the virtual currency and boosted its price.

Winklevoss twins net worth 2019

However, the cryptocurrency is still largely unregulated. The Government is seeking to bring winklevoss twins net worth 2019 currency exchanges into money-laundering regulation under proposed amendments winklevoss twins net worth 2019 EU legislation in the coming weeks.

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Winklevoss twins net worth 2019

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