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Apollo fintech airdrop

Apollo Fintech would like to reward users for their support as promised and gift a ratio of GSX-backed value (over the total duration) to APL based on the. Apollo Fintech Airdrop (GSX) 路 Open the Apollo Fintech Airdrop form 路 Follow Apollo Currency on Twitter 路 Follow the CEO of Apollo Fintech on Twitter 路 Join Apollo.

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Share this: Views: 75 The government of Zimbabwe is reportedly looking apollo fintech airdrop fintech airdrop partner with Apollo Fintech to launch a gold-backed digital currency for its citizens. On Friday, Apollo Fintech announced that it has signed a memorandum of association with CBZ Bank to develop three national fintech based projects.


CBZ Bank is one apollo fintech airdrop the largest commercial banks in Zimbabwe. Among the three apollo fintech airdrop, is the gold-backed digital currency which is currently being developed by Apollo for Apollo fintech airdrop Bank with the approval of the Zimbabwean government.

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Other go here includes: Apollo fintech airdrop commodity exchange, which will serve apollo fintech airdrop looking for alternative investment options with a choice to invest in commodities such as gold.

Meanwhile, around November,the Lesotho Nation signed a MoU with Apollo Foundation to help in the development and implementation of blockchain technology in various departments apollo fintech airdrop intiatives of the Lesotho government.

The Apollo foundation is reportedly working to have Apollo all-in-one currency APL be used as apollo fintech airdrop currency, starting with Africa then beyond.

Apollo Fintech Airdrop

Apollo currency combines features of commonly used cryptocurrencies in an unregulatable way. If the Apollo currency succeeds, it means that apollo fintech airdrop national government, institutions, merchants, apollo fintech airdrop consumers will use APLs for economic activities including transactions, remittances, sales, deposits, apollo fintech airdrop storage of value.

Nevertheless, the use of asset-backed digital currencies is yet to show any evidence of success. Like Zimbabwe, Venezuela is also suffering from massive hyperinflation.

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